Information Gathering

Next, we move towards the Information Gathering stage. Before any target systems can be examined and attacked, we must first identify them. It may well be that the customer will not give us any information about their network and components other than a domain name or just a listing of in-scope IP addresses/network ranges. Therefore, we need to get an overview of the target web application(s) or network before proceeding further.

  • Reconnaissance can be passive or active. Check out this article that explains this difference very well

Physical / Social

  • Location Information: Satellite images, Drone recon, Building layout

  • Job information: Employees, Pictures

Web / Host

Source: Practical Ethical Hacking - TCM Security

Identifying our target

In the case of bug hunting we will have a document with detailed information on what is in scope and what is out of scope. We have to take very good notes of these to be sure to not make any mistakes. In the case of a pentest it will be defined in the document called Rules of Engagement

Discovering email address

Gathering breached credentials

Web information Gathering

Using search engines

Using Social Media


  • Lots of tools are available for the OSINT / Recon part, check this article about this here

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