OSINT Images

Reverse Image Searching

  • Pretty straightforward we can use this link to do reverse Image searching, you just need to upload the image you are looking for information about

Get EXIF Data

Photo have data that is tied to the device and owner of the device

How to get this data

Using the website Jeffrey's Image Metadata Viewer (see resources) we can extract this information. This contains the device info and geolocalisation.

Physical Location

  • Using the address a customer gave us for a physical pentest mandate, we can enter it in google map and have a look at the sattelite view and street:

    • Does it have any protection

    • Where to park without looking suspicious

    • Is the entree guarded

    • Is there a smoke area (useful for social engineering)

    • Could you tailgate your way in?

Identifying Geographical Locations

Let's say we have an image

  • If there is a car:

    • where is it parked,

    • what brand is it,

    • What info get we get from the license plate,

  • How is the weather

    • Is it snowing?

  • Architecture around

  • Street signs

Note: You can practice your skills using geoguessr


Google Image Search
Jeffrey's Image Metadata Viewer

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