General Projects

🌟 My very first Cyber project

My first blog, aimed to document my journey in of learning Cybersecurity (by the way it is this blog that allowed me to get my first position as a pentester).

At the same time I launched The World Tour Podcast in which I interviewed Cybersecurity experts like Alyssa Miller, Tanya Janca, Chloe Messdaghi and many more. I moved it to my new blog you can listen to it here:

🌟 DoWeLookLikeHackers

DoWeLookLikeHacker was a social media campaign I created for Northsec Conference. The goal of the campaign was to show the many different faces of cybersecurity professionals and break stereotypes through images.

🌟 Les Trophées Cybertalent

"Les Trophées Cybertalent" is an award I co-created in order to encourage the next generation to join the Cybersecurity field.

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