General tips

How to enlarge a win VM

I had to enlarge a win VM because I made some bad calculation when I created it...


  1. Switch off the VM (do not save the state, properly switch it off)

  2. In virtualbox go to file > Virtual Media Manager

  3. Select a virtual hard disk in the list and use the “Size” slider at the bottom of the window to change its size. Click “Apply” when you’re done.

Extend your C:\ partition

  1. Start your windows VM

  2. If possible extend the C partition

Recovery partition in the way of the extention

If you can not extend it probably means that the recovery partition is in the way of the extention, no worries!

  • You will need to delete the recovery partition so that you can extend C with the new space you added

  • Search for diskpart in the start menu and launch it as admin


  1. list disk

  2. select disk <number> (choose the disk number for your C drive)

  3. list partition

  4. select partition <number> (choose the recovery partition)

  5. delete partition override

Extend your C

  • Now if you co back to disk management, you should be able to extend the C:\ partition

  • Do it and reboot :)


  • A helpful colleague :D, thanks Keven!

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