Sock Puppets

What is it?

  • Alternate Identity = use this for osint so that we do not draw attention to ourselves.

  • Accounts on social media that looks legitimate (have some posts and data etc) that should not tie back to us

Creating sock puppets

  • Good to knoe: Sock hunters are people who can identify sock puppets

  • Step One: Generate a fake name & identity (see fake name generator in resources)

  • Step 2: Create a picture for it using an AI generated photo (see thisperson does not exist in resources)

  • Step 3: type this person with accounts that does not tie back to you (specific computer for your investigations, burner phone,...)

    • You can create a virtual credit card with website (see link in resources) this way you can buy a burner phone or anything using it

    • You can use mint mobile sim card for the burner phone

  • Do not do the investigation on your own IP address



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