What is it?

  • Marp is a tool to make presentations using markdown

How to

  • At the begining of the file you need to specify that it is a marp slideck

marp: true
title: Presentation title
author: Author Name
description: presentation description
size: 16:9
header: 'Put a header here'
footer: 'Put a footer here'
paginate: true
_paginate: false        # Remove page number of page 1
  • You can use .svg images or any other format amd insert them as usual in markdown ![]( to redmension and image you can add width:400px between the "[]"

  • You can change the style (you can use color code instead of color name just like in html

  :root {
    --color-background: black; 
    --color-foreground: green;
  h1 {
    font-family: Courier New;
  • Presentation tips

- Bullet point
  - Child bullet
- **Bold**
- _Italic_
- `code`
Add a comment this way
  • You can use to make your graph and visuals


  • VSCodium or Visual studio code

    • The Marp add-on for vscodium (or visual studio code) this will show you the visual of your md.


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