OSINT Password

Hunting Breached password

  • We can use dehashed cost money

    • If a similar password pops multiple times it means it could be used somewhere else.

    • Dehashed will also allow us to lookup for password and give information on where it is coming from


  • Get the tool here

  • This tool will searched through the breach data and pull down names

  • ./breach-parse.sh @domain.com outfile.txt gather breached emails and passwords from the mentionned domain and put it in a file using the name mentioned

  • At the end of the execution we will get 3 files outfile-master.txt with email and passwords, outfile-passwords.txt with the pulled passwords nd outfile-users.txt with the users

Other tips

  • If we get hash:

    • We can try to crack it

    • It can be useful to search it and see if it ties back to something else

  • Developers often share whole sections of code on StackOverflow (we could find leaks there)

  • Github migh have private keys or secret as well

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