The Post-Engagement stage also includes cleaning up the systems we exploit so that none of these systems can be exploited using our tools. For example, leaving a bind shell on a web server that does not require authentication and is easy to find will do the opposite of what we are trying to do. In this way, we endanger the network through our carelessness. Therefore, it is essential to remove all content that we have transferred to the systems during our penetration test so that the corporate network is left in the same state as before our penetration test. We also should note down any system changes, successful exploitation attempts, captured credentials, and uploaded files in the appendices of our report so our clients can cross-check this against any alerts they receive to prove that they were a result of our testing actions and not an actual attacker in the network.

In addition, we have to reconcile all our notes with the documentation we have written in the meantime to make sure we have not skipped any steps and can provide a comprehensive, well-formatted and neat report to our clients.

Source: Hackthebox Academy

Pentest report

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