Lateral Movement

Lateral movement is one of the essential components for moving through a corporate network. We can use it to overlap with other internal hosts and further escalate our privileges within the current subnet or another part of the network. However, just like Pillaging, the Lateral Movement stage requires access to at least one of the systems in the corporate network. In the Exploitation stage, the privileges gained do not play a critical role in the first instance since we can also move through the network without administrator rights.

Lateral movement describes movement within the internal network of our target company to access additional hosts at the same or a higher privilege level. It is often an iterative process combined with post-exploitation activities until we reach our goal. For example, we gain a foothold on a web server, escalate privileges and find a password in the registry. We perform further enumeration and see that this password works to access a database server as a local admin user. From here, we can pillage sensitive data from the database and find other credentials to further our access deeper into the network. In this stage, we will typically use many techniques based on the information found on the exploited host or server. Source HTB Academy

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Source HTB Academy


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