Powershell Empire

What is this

  • Powershell Empire is a C2 framework

  • Starkiller is a GUI for Powershell Empire

Installation on a Kali VM

  • When I wanted to install it for a lab I was playing it on TryHackMe, the instuctions did not work on my end.

  • So I decided to document here a stable install.

  • This install is based on this youtube video by Professor K.

  • First make a snapshot of your VM prior to the install to be sure that you can roll back in case something goes wrong.

  • sudo su make yourself root for this process

  • apt update && apt -y full-upgrade update and upgrade your VM

  • Make another snapshot of it afterwards.

  • sudo apt install -y powershell-empire starkiller install powershell empire and starkiller


  • sudo powershell-empire server start the server

  • sudo powershell-empire client start the client

  • starkiller --no-sandbox

  • Default creds are empireadmin:password123

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