• VSCodium is the Free/Libre Open Source Software Binaries of VS Code

  • It's a great tool because you can open code repo and it has lots of extentions.

Command palette

If you go to view > Command Palette this is the place where you will be able to type any command you need to execute. You can also launch it with ctrl+shift+p.

  • theme this will suggest different themes for the editor

  • If you remove > and type ? you will have commands suggested to you

Keyboards shortcut

  • ctrl+shift+p Open the command palette

  • Ctrl+P quickly open files from the current folder you are using

  • Ctrl+` Opent the integrated terminal

  • CTRL+/ comment a code block

  • Ctrl+K+U uncomment a code block

Integrated terminal

Configuration file

You can use a configuration file for vscodium or your extensions. You need to put it in a .vscode folder and name it settings.json. For example this line has been made for the extension Dendron Paste Image.

  "pasteImage.path": "${projectRoot}/res/"

It basically says to paste image to a res folder in the root project.

Another example is this one that will allow me to avoid autocompletion when using quotes.

"editor.autoClosingQuotes": "never"


  • Intellisense is the feature that allows you to have code completion. Sometimes it will not come with vscode or codium so you will need an extension

Add the same share on multiple lines at the same time

  • Say you want to add - on multiple lines.

  • Select all the lines you want to modify or ctrl+A if you want to do this on the whole document

  • Press SHIFT + ALT + I

  • Press home to go to the begining of the line make you modification :)

Misc tips

  • If you drag and drop a file from a folder to vscode or codium it will automatically create a copy of the file in the folder you are currently working on.

Useful Extensions

  • APKlab if you work with apk and need to reverse engineer Android App

  • Dendron Paste Image if you wabt to easily copy and paste images when you are doing a documentation and report. (it will paste the image and automatically place it in a directory of your choice)

  • Markdown All in One really helpful if you often use markdown

  • Marp for VS Code If you use marp for your presentation

  • Markdown PDF

  • Material Theme Icons To have an icon depending on the type of file

  • Prettier Code formatter

  • Project Manager To switch between projects

  • vscode-pdf to display pdf file in vscode


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