OSINT Social Media


Searching from Twitter

  • Filter search with latest people videos photos

  • we can use quotes just like in google "sentence I am looking for"

  • We can use from:username

  • to:username

  • @username

  • from:username since:YYY-MM-DD until:YYYY-MM-DD

  • to:username since:YYY-MM-DD until:YYYY-MM-DD

  • "sentence I am looking for" since:YYY-MM-DD until:YYYY-MM-DD

  • from:username keyword

  • geocode:xx.xxxx, -xx,xxx, xxkm Identify tweets coming from a specific area

  • We can also use Twitter Advanced Search

Searching Twitter using web tools


  • We can add columns and add a home page for instance

  • We can add a column to track a specific user

  • We can make search with search operators and add it as a column


  • Difficult to keep up because facebook changes all the time.

  • We can search for photos of firstname lastname we will get photos of those who tagged the user we are interested in




  • we can use the reddit search

  • We can search with google "username site:reddit.com"


  • Check the contact info

  • Do reverse image search

  • Check recommendations received and given

  • If we find people we can use it to make email address using a pattern we might have previously found

  • Check the about section of a profile

  • Check the career as well


  • Search for a username tiktok.com/@username

  • Google

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